Big Beater and Birdy B are more than just artists, they’re brothers. As former college and high school athletes growing up in the highly diverse and competitive Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex, they’ve been well seasoned for a musical mission. These days you can find them focusing their energy into writing lyrics and hooks, producing beats, shooting films, and eating tacos. They bring a fresh contrast when they’re on the mic as Big Beater lays the cold facts while Birdy B is known to visit Mars. So if you like big bodies, trunk knockin’ beats, anti-hater lyrics, and good vibes then follow and tune in!

Birdy B is on a quest to expand your mind through sound!

Artist, producer, audio engineer, indigo child, and half of SortaFriedOrganic, his approach to production is a thing to be seen as he blends the roles simultaneously in one session. On a lyrical note, he tends to speak his conscious while revealing his inner thoughts to the world one line at a time. Birdy B has been mixing tracks and producing beats for the last 5 years and all of his hard work is soon to pay off as he co-releases his first debut single in 2017 with the self-titled “SortaFried Organic” which he engineered and co-wrote. Oh yeah, and did we mention he’s also a Rice University graduate and local football god? Follow him on twitter and Instagram. hit him up for mixing, mastering, and beats.


“A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.”

– William Shakespeare

Words to live by for big beater, the first born of two brothers making up the hip-hop / rap duo sortafried organic. As ceo of big beater records, he’s also a passionate producer and persistent seeker of knowledge. his tone on the mic is commanding with a heavy dose of sophistication and depth. Beater has been actively producing and writing for 5+ years now although he’s been banging on surfaces and writing fiction since he was a child. a lover of all things retro, he appreciates history while looking to the future with his brother Birdy b and is grateful to be alive and breathing. follow him on twitter.
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