Big Beater and Birdy B are more than just artists and producers, they’re also brothers. As former athletes and scholars growing up in the competitive Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex, they’ve been well seasoned for the hustle and are ready to flex their creative muscles. Theyr’re confident yet humble. Surprising yet familiar. GMO Free. In other words SortaFried. They bring a fresh contrast when they’re on the mic as Big Beater lays the cold baritone facts while Birdy B opens your third eye. These days you can find them focusing energy into lyrics, hooks, beats, short films, podcasts, and tacos. If you like good music and big beats then give them a listen and show some love!

Birdy B is on a quest to expand your mind through sound!

Artist, producer, audio engineer, indigo child, and half of SortaFriedOrganic, his approach to production is a thing to be seen as he blends the roles simultaneously in one session. On a lyrical note, he tends to speak his conscious while revealing his inner thoughts to the world one line at a time. Birdy B has been mixing tracks and producing beats for the last 5 years and all of his hard work is soon to pay off as he co-releases his first debut single in 2017 with the self-titled “SortaFried Organic” which he engineered and co-wrote. Oh yeah, and did we mention he’s also a Rice University graduate and local football god? Follow him on twitter and Instagram. hit him up for mixing, mastering, and beats.


“A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.”

– William Shakespeare

Words to live by for big beater, the first born of two brothers making up the hip-hop / rap duo sortafried organic. As ceo of big beater records, he’s also a passionate producer and persistent seeker of knowledge. his tone on the mic is commanding with a heavy dose of sophistication and depth. Beater has been actively producing and writing for 5+ years now although he’s been banging on surfaces and writing fiction since he was a child. a lover of all things retro, he appreciates history while looking to the future with his brother Birdy b and is grateful to be alive and breathing. follow him on twitter.
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